Podcast rant thing I made I don’t know – Community, Tribe and Self Governance

Honestly I have no idea what possessed me to make this. These are conversations I have in my head and sometimes I like to externalize them. It is mostly coherent I think and I think I do make a good point. I just spoke in a total free form off the cuff manner, the same way I would speak internally.

I don’t think this will become a thing. Probably just going to keep these as one off’s every now and then. They are good practice for audio work and editing. Clearly the audio in this was messed up a bunch, that is on me I had the gain way too high. Still figuring out my lav mic set up.

Any way, watch or listen if you want. I don’t care that much, just wanted to externalize some stuff. This is me talking to myself, you are just a guest and I don’t care if you like it or not. But thanks for coming any way, I do appreciate you.


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