Back Online

Craig, fake beaten

Who knew managing a personal website, a business website, an artist website, an art project YouTube channel, a business, a full time job and a household would be so god damn time consuming? But, regardless, I am fucking back and on track to kill this shit.

I mean, I could go more into things. I kind of had a small breakdown, fell into a pretty deep depression, gained a shit load of weight, lost a job, gained a job and then lost that job and then gained another job (fingers crossed this one sticks). Started, then almost lost my studio due to the pandemic and also the whole mental problems thing. Got married, stayed married, got stronger as a couple and grew as a man.

Also got a dog, still have the degu’s, lost a bunch of money, sold bitcoins way too soon, regretted it, got into de-fi at the start, recovered a bit, forgot most of my coding knowledge, gained it back, got diagnosed with a slew of new illnesses, got them treated (still one more to go). Fell apart and then reassembled myself.

I am still reassembling myself. There are a lot of pieces that I need to figure out what the hell to do with. Some need to be cleaned up and put back, some need to be reshaped, some need to be tossed away and some need to take up a bigger space. Long and short I am a work in progress.

Also, I wrote three more books, none published. Still polishing the best of the three and deciding what to do with it. Been rejected a load of times from agents and publishers already though. Still working on it. The YouTube art project is chugging along, I think I am becoming a better filmmaker / artist / mad poet by the day. Still not a lot of people watching but I have learned to accept that.

I hope to keep this a bit more active this time. It helps that I know a lot more from a web design and hosting standpoint. Also helps that I am a lot more disciplined now and also have the everlasting assistance from my amazing wife.

I am sure there is a load more shit to share. I can dig into a lot of things, I will probably go into things and share some stories from the past few years in upcoming posts. It will be fun. Until then, I am keeping it simple. If you are here reading this know that I love you and appreciate you. If you are new, thanks for stopping by my little corner of this massive social experiment called the internet. If you have been around for years, welcome back. Friends and family, thank you all for sticking with me and putting up with my annoyances.

Talk to you all soon.


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