Does anyone read the about page? I don’t know. A bit about me, I will try to be quick.

Why do I feel important enough to have my own website? I don’t, this is really just for me. I like to rant and share stuff I come across in my wide array of hobbies and interests. I like to try things and experiment and this site lets me have a kind of central space to share and do all that. From programming to fitness to politics and extreme sports I might touch on anything and everything all while saying nothing of substance. If you are here you probably share an interest with me and that’s cool, thanks for stopping by, let’s chat.

Accomplishments? Nothing of substance many attempts. I have written five novels, sold none, self published two and saw nothing much in terms of interest. I have written directed, acted and edited in short films that have been official festival selections but that really does not mean much when the category is experimental film. I guess I am a creator, an artist, a person who needs to be doing something to feel complete and this is one of the side effects of that.

Personal life? I have an amazing wife who has saved my life more times than she knows. I have a small apartment tucked in a small section of a large city stuffed with books, pets and love. Not much else to say here except that the “family” side of my life is the one I am most content with and that is huge and I am so grateful for all the people in my life. Friends, family and you person reading this.

Otherwise there is not much else to say here other than I am a peaceful person and although I may get passionate about things I don’t get violent. I believe in freedom, voluntary participation and complete consent and that has sadly become an extremist stance. What I mean to say is that I think state power is illegitimate because no one consented to it, we have no option to opt out of it and anyone who tries is met with violence. Kind of a weird closing statement on my part but I think it is important to say. If you have made it this far though, thanks for being interested and hope I didn’t lose you there.

See you around. Thanks for stopping by.