New Podcast: Boiled Frogs and Soul Killers

Just me talking to myself about some ideas of the state of despair and decay the world is in. The plans for the future. Why we are like this and of course freedom and why it is so important. Episode Here Boiled Frogs and Soul Killers Youtube Backup

Voluntaryism – anarchy for all

Something I struggle to understand is why everyone needs to be told what they can and cannot do. Why everyone wants to simultaneously be told what to do and tell others what they can do. Why people feel the need to impose their will on others yet can’t even think for themselves. It sounds harsh… Continue reading Voluntaryism – anarchy for all

Never work for Nothing – Value your Skills

I will start this out by saying that it does not go against the utopia vision I presented in my podcast “Systems of Power: I’m Alive”. When I say don’t work for nothing I am not talking about acts of compassion or kindness or goodness. I have spent countless hours helping people with websites, computers, chores, moving etc. I love helping people and I expect nothing in return.