New Podcast episode – No Gods No Masters

This entry into the podcast is a kind of late introduction. Recorded tucked in a weird spot I also realized I need to better arrange a way to record these. Still some work to do from technical standpoint (audio would be better if I had found a better recording location) but generally not too bad. Still just messing around, I know there is not a large (or any) audience out there wanting to listen to a boring guy rant about his personal philosophy but I wanted to share more because I want to reach someone who may share my philosophy and feel alienated and alone in their belief.

That is the issue with coming to the truth that all state power is illegitimate violence. That non-consensual governance is morally wrong and that taxation is theft. I came to these realizations on my own and then felt alone in them before finding other anarchists and freedom lovers. The problem with being completely outside the system is that it is a lonely spot. It can be hard to find like minded people as this kind of thought is actively discouraged by the system. So I wanted to share my journey in case there are other lost wanderers looking for a home. You are not alone, stay free.

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