Why are we accepting this?

Why are we accepting this new normal, This is not okay Why are we just accepting all this? Why are we just going along with this new normal where we accept a lower standard of living and accept that we have to sacrifice. Sacrifice for what? Why do people who work full time jobs have… Continue reading Why are we accepting this?

The Collapse is Already Here

We can stop waiting for a collapse to happen, we are currently living through one. On understanding our mortality and coming to terms with the death of the human species. How that kind of hurts but is also liberating. Video:

Boiled Frogs and Soul Killers

Just me talking to myself about some ideas of the state of despair and decay the world is in. The plans for the future. Why we are like this and of course freedom and why it is so important.

The Solution To Mass Shootings

This is another fun take, but the solution is not just banning guns. The solution is fixing the broken society we are living in.

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