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In my last post I mentioned that I was thinking about starting a podcast. I am still on the fence with that, I really like the idea but it is also a fair bit of work to add to my already overloaded plate. I just get stuck on ideas sometimes and even though they may not be the most realistic I do tend to see them through.

It’s not like I would expect anyone to actually listen to it if I did start a podcast, I don’t really have an audience of any sort in any of my fields. It would be more for me, and the fun of creating it. As I try more and more creative things I am starting to realize I enjoy the process more than anything else.

I like creating my short films, I don’t like trying to get people to watch them. I like just uploading them to YouTube and letting them die there. The same goes for this blog / website, I like writing and posting here but don’t care to promote it. The same goes for my books and basically any other creative endeavor I have started. I enjoy the process leading up to a “launch” more than the launch itself.

Just me hanging out

This is probably why my first business failed (an online bookstore). I enjoyed creating the site, finding and buying rare books, listing the books and managing all that process stuff. I didn’t like advertising or marketing the site, and while I did make an attempt at that it was not very well done and obviously the business floundered.

Not like I was expecting an online used book store to make millions, but even getting traffic to the site was impossible and I didn’t have an interest in that part of the process. I would much rather build and refine the site. That is why it failed. I could have left it up, but the books were taking up too much space in my apartment and I had to shut it down.

So that is where I stand on the podcast idea. Thankfully there is only time to be lost as I already own all the gear for creating a podcast. Worst case I waste a weekend or two, best case I magically find an audience and something happens. I don’t know though, I have a lot going on right now. I just got a puppy so time is hard to find.

Daydreaming is easier than actually pulling the trigger

I also have a new novel I want to start working on. It is in the idea phase right now but I am liking the world I am building out. The problem there is that I have three other novels that need finishing and publishing. There are just too many things that need doing.

I think it comes back to time and not having enough of it. I need some of these hobbies to start paying me so that I can work less at my day job and focus on the side businesses, books and other things. That’s the dream right? Hopefully one day. I still hold out hope, and besides, I do really enjoy the process even if it gets me nowhere.

I will keep you all posted though. See where things take me. It’s too damn hot out right now. I don’t want summer to go away but just cool down and maybe less humid? That would be nice. Stay cool out there everyone. Thanks for reading this little ramble.

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