Opening the Studio

I was going to do a topic post but really didn’t think anyone would be interested and who cares about my opinion on something like freedom of speech or expression any way. Instead I want to share my excitement at the launch of my newest business.

Seventh Floor Studio, a marketing, film and design studio. I have only taken the baby steps so far with this but I am excited to try and make this work. I have been trying to fight the urge to take the plunge into this for a while but some life changes and career stagnation made me realize it was now or never. If I don’t make a go of this then I can’t expect to get any where. So I am jumping in with both feet.

Well, maybe not both feet, I still have to pay the rent so I am holding down my day job so to speak, but I am going to be working on growing the studio as much as I can in the next little bit.

For anyone interested I hope to have a website up and running in the next few weeks, but here is a quick rundown of what Seventh Floor Studio is all about.

We will specialize in simple website design and hosting for small clients looking to have a web presence (think local businesses, advisors, realtors etc.), social media short video spots and it will be a house for my own film making. There is also a mix of light software and web development in there but that will grow more as we grow. Corporate cinematography and photography will round out our services.

So the studio is kind of two fold. One the one side it is a base for my own film making (because as that grows those projects are better done through a corporation) and on the other it is a marketing studio.

Nothing super fancy, but it is mine. Feels nice to take that first step. Now it just comes down to finding the time and energy. I also have another business with some partners that I will need to spend time on. Ideally though I will start generating money, enough to stay afloat, so I can dedicate more time to these ventures.

That is what I have been up to. Hoping to post more here and keep people more in the loop but I get caught up sometimes and can’t.

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