Tales From A Dead Planet

I once had a different blog, a blog that was more… blog like I guess. It was called Mind Body Mash and focused on fitness, motivation and exercising the mind (hence the name).  It is long gone for a multitude of reasons but I had something on this blog that I want to add here.

I had a series of posts on that blog that were short stories, stories I worked on in my downtime and that had a linked theme but were not enough to form a full novel. They were posted there for free and I have the collection up on Amazon. 

I realized that I don’t have the free version here and I think that is not very fair so long story short here it is. A PDF of the collection “Tales From A Dead Planet”

The ebook version is on Amazon if you want to purchase a copy, but otherwise feel free to download. This is older writing from me, nothing new and exciting. More of a housekeeping kind of post.

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