Bad things

Bad Things are Going to Happen

This is one of those life truths, there is no avoiding it.  Bad things are going to happen, people you love will leave you one way or another (through death or separation), jobs will be lost, you will be hurt in a multitude of ways.  Sometimes life can be so cruel that it seems almost like a joke.  Bad things will happen, it’s how you handle them that matters.

We are forged in tragedy, it is what makes us who we are.  We are shaped by it, hardened by it and turned into new people with each passing event.  As much as tragedy forms us it is our response to it that defines us.  Bad things will happen, that’s out of our control, how we respond to them though, that’s totally in our control.

Some people are naturally cool headed when things fall apart and some of us need some work to get there but I think we should all aim to be the one that keeps it together in the face of terrible events.  Life is suffering, we all know this, so why do we try to pretend otherwise?  Why do we let ourselves fall apart when things don’t go our way?

We can really only have influence or control over one thing in our lives and that is how we respond to things that happen.  We can choose to shut down or we can choose to keep moving in the face of it all.  It won’t be easy to make that choice to keep moving, and there will be stumbles along the way, but the more you keep moving the easier it gets.  The more small tragedies you’re able to brush off the more resilient you become to the larger tragedies that are sure to follow.

There is a great book about meditation titled “Full Catastrophe Living”, the book on its own is a great read but I think the title speaks volumes about life.  Life is not about avoiding the catastrophe, that’s impossible because it’s something not only out of our control but also something we don’t see coming a lot of the time.  Life is about living through the catastrophe and not letting it become something bigger than it has to be.  Life is living in catastrophe and being okay with it.

Take it from me, the endless failure.  It seems like everything I try to do, everything I touch just falls apart.  From my career, to my dreams to my goals, it all crumbles.  Sometimes because of things I’ve done and sometimes due to factors beyond my control.  Things I’ve invested my life into will just end in failure, but I keep moving, I keep trying.  Sure I fall down, sure sometimes I spend months in a dark depression but I always manage to keep going.

My life is an endless catastrophe but I keep living through it.  I have miles of room for improvement and I am far from able to stand in the hurricane of tragedy that is life without bending, but I keep moving toward that point.  I have to, because I don’t want to be the one curled up in a ball on the ground giving up, I want to be the one that stands strong in the face of it all.

Bad things will happen, they will always happen, so why not try to be better in the face of that truth.  That is really the only option there is, because the other choice is quitting and it will take a lot to get me to do that.

Keep enjoying the tragedy that is life.  Keep moving through it with a smile.

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