Obsession Hopping

Obsession Hopping

This is a problem I have. Well, maybe problem is too extreme a word for it because I kind of enjoy it. I tend to get obsessed with things, chase them for a few months then find something else to be obsessed with. This is not a new thing for me and when I think about it I have been doing this since I was a teen.

I guess I do alright in that I don’t let things fall completely to the wayside when I find a new obsession and I am aware that I do this so I do try to temper my excitement over new things. This habit of mine is part of the reason I own so much equipment for various hobbies. I try to view it as a net positive because it gives me a broad set of skills (although I struggle in mastering something).

It comes back to my idea of the radical yes, where if I have an idea and find I want to start doing or try something I don’t spend too much time analyzing it but rather just go for it. The radical yes has led me to discovering new passions and creating great things. It’s also led to a lot of things gathering dust around the apartment, but with each thing gathering dust I gain a new set of knowledge and experience.

So I jump around on ideas and obsessions, never staying in one place long enough but gathering experience along the way. Sometimes it brings me down because I feel that I’m not good at anything, just average at a lot of things. Other times it makes me feel pretty good because I at least know about things that other people only have a cursory idea of.

I freely admit that I need to start sticking with things. I do feel that I’ve gotten better at it, and plan ambitious projects before diving into something as a way to force myself to stick with it. Right now I have only a few major projects and haven’t really adopted a new hobby in a while. I at least don’t view my film project as totally new because it’s something I’ve dabbled on and off in for a while. That and it combines two things because it will end up being a mixed media adventure.

All told, the radical yes has been a net positive for me. Sure I’ve spent probably too much money on too many hobbies but I’ve also gained a lot from that. Sometimes it takes a bit of searching before you land on something you can really stick to and sometimes you can only bash your head against a wall for so long before you have to give up or go insane.

I guess the point of this post is that if you’ve found yourself wanting to do something but not doing it, maybe give it a try. Instead of thinking of reasons to not do something just jump in. Sure you won’t be the best at it right away, and sure it might cost a bit of money, but generally you don’t hear people on their death bed regretting that they tried.

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