Seventh Floor Studio – My (pre-startup) Game Studio

Few things off the top here.  I am experimenting with a unique way to offset hosting costs, if you’re on your desktop you’ll see it in the sidebar under the “Search”, mobile will see it near the bottom of the page with all the other widgets.  Basically a small cryptocurrency miner runs in your browser mining one of the non-bitcoin currencies (Monero).  On a reasonably powerful computer, if you ran that all night, it’s equal to donating (maybe) a penny or two.  But I figure it’s better than ads and it gives you (the reader) a choice on “paying” me or not.  Really it’s to help with the small cost of hosting the website.  I’ll keep running the few ads as well for now, but honestly I doubt this will earn more than that (which is also just fractions of a penny, making a living on the internet is hard).  Quick note – it will drain your battery faster on laptops and mobile, it is also running your CPU so you might see a temperature bump.  Now onto the more exciting stuff.

Seventh Floor Studio

My little venture into game development is starting with a name, a simple logo and a URL.  It is starting though and that’s fun stuff.  Like I’ve said in other posts, I have begun working on an idea for a game.  I figured a little game studio would help keep me motivated, it’s like I’m working for a company except it’s my own company.  Of course by “studio” I mean me and my desk.  So nothing has changed except for me getting a name for the “company” that will be developing my games (a company of one employee, me).  I’ll work on a little website for it too to hone my html, css and javascript skills.

As a fun little side project to go along with the studio I also launched my slack like chat / collaboration service today.  Slack is basically a chat room kind of set up (for those that don’t know), what I launched is a lot like that just a little more light weight.  It’s called “rocket chat” if you want to download the app.  If you want to use the desktop version just head on over to and create an account.  Play around and try to ignore the little mess that it is, it’s still under construction.  The mobile version will require the same server URL.  I have to approve all new accounts so you will have to be patient while I do that.  The email server is also a little slow, so you might get emails on a delay, please bear with me on that one.

Please come join me.  I will also be using private channels there to talk about development work with anyone I manage to convince to help me out with art, music or design.

Otherwise, wish me luck on this adventure I never thought I would actually be embarking on.

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