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Changed Hosts

This will be a short post, partly because it’s to test that everything is still working and partly because I’ve spent too much time on this already.  For anyone that might have had issues viewing my site today I apologize, I was in the process of migrating to a new VPS host.  I left Digital Ocean and moved to Vultr mainly due to cost.  Digital Ocean has been a great service and they were reliable with a lot of added features that might have come in handy but which I don’t really see myself using.  Vultr is newer to the game but I have been impressed with them through the small offsite lab I’ve been running so I decided to migrate and save myself close to ten bucks a month.

I don’t want to bore you with the details of my hosting and other stuff.  If you encounter any weirdness on the site in the next few days please let me know, I anticipate I’ll be ironing out bugs for a while yet.  If anyone out there is looking for an affordable VPS take a minute to check out Vultr, I’m pretty happy with them so far.

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