Degu Jump: My First Completed Project

This is something I’ve been working on for a while now.  Between lessons in Java and Python, during lunchbreaks and downtime I’ve plugged away at this little game.  All told I would say it took me a bit over twenty hours of work to hack it together.

Now that work included a lot of learning, re-learning and gearing back up after extended down time.  There was also an embarrassingly long time spent on the “artwork” for the game.  It’s done though, my first totally independent project, something I designed and built from scratch.  It’s written in Python and I used Pygame as a game framework.

It’s a game where you play as a Degu jumping over trees and bushes as they speed toward you.  It’s based a little bit on “Flappy Bird” and the concept is not unique but I think it’s a fun little game and was a great learning experience for me as I venture into game development.

Sure the artwork looks like a four year old drew it, sure the code is a mess (I already know a bunch of areas that need improvement) but I think it’s pretty good for a first project.  If you want to look at the code (or download  the source for non-windows systems) you can check out the github page.

Here’s a quick “trailer” for the game:


And if you want to download (for Windows) a copy here it is. You’ll have to excuse the desktop shortcut icon, I hacked the installer together and in the interest of distributing the game I let that go.

Hope you like it and if you have any feedback or suggestions on how I can improve the code please let me know in the comments.

Little Degu Buddies

For those that don’t know what a Degu is, they are little rodents native to the mountainous regions of South America.  They have a lifespan of 5-10 years and are extremely intelligent (and cute).  They are actually the only non-primate mammal to be observed using tools.  They can see ultraviolet light and jump up to three feet high.

Those two little guys in the picture above are Carl and Steve, my Degu’s.  Watching their antics was part of the reason for having a Degu as the main character in the game.

Thanks for reading.  Those who have been waiting for a new story from me don’t worry, I’m half done a new short.  I was going to finish it this weekend but game development ended up sucking me in.

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