Remaining Focused

As anyone who reads my stuff may have noticed, it has been a while since I posted.  I’ve been pretty busy, lots going on and lots to do and that is where the heart of this post lies.  A problem I’ve had since I graduated university and got healthy and that is a problem of focus.

At any one time I am working on multiple projects, with so many things on the go that it’s hard to keep track of everything and I will just keep taking new things on until I’m overwhelmed and lost.  If I have one weakness I think it’s my inability to say ‘no’ to myself.  That has led to many different business ventures (none of which have worked out), half-finished projects and half learned skills.  It’s one failing I need to correct if I’m going to get anywhere.  No matter what I tell myself I can’t do it all.

I’ve been pretty good lately though and that’s part of the reason I haven’t been posting.  I’ve been focused on my path to becoming a developer and have been neglecting everything else to the best of my ability.  That means the site has languished a little bit but I’ve been focused for once.  Even in that one endeavor though I need to maintain focus.  Trying to learn python, Java, C#, Javascript along with SQL and some server stuff has been another foray into that land of the unfocused.

I do find my focus slipping a little bit though.  I want to try my hand at another business venture (which I’m resisting and talking myself out of), I want to get back to my crafting hobbies, back into climbing, back to writing again, back to old things and new.  I need to stay focused though, if I don’t it will all fall apart.

The one thing you see when you look at successful people is that they have this superhuman ability to zero in on one project and just work on it with all they have.  I lack that ability and if there is one thing I need to learn it’s how to do that.

I do feel I need to post here more though, I enjoy blogging, even if it really is just for me.  Besides, I can justify it as part of my full stack developer training and as a piece in the road to being a writer (and an entrepreneur).

I guess the point of this is to say that I’m still here! And as a piece of advice to anyone out there who finds themselves in the same position as me (too many interests not enough time) remember to focus.  Use the energy you have for those things and try to harness it into a focus on one thing.

Thanks for reading everyone, hope to post again soon.

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