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Heading to War Means Good Music

I try my best not to follow the news, but the news seems to follow me.  As hard as I try to stay out of everything I just can’t.  Maybe it’s the reddit posts that make it to the front page (and the fact that I can’t be bothered to make an account and unsubscribe from defaults), maybe it’s my Facebook feed full of articles, maybe it’s a morbid interest, but I can’t avoid it.  I used to follow the news a lot closer but I got sick of it, it only made me anxious and worried and didn’t inform me like the news media is supposed to do.

It’s impossible to avoid, and from what I have seen the drums of war are beating again.  Russian aggression, Trump ranting about how a war would be good for the country, military parades all over the world.  It really seems like people have some itchy trigger-fingers of late.

I don’t make it a secret that a few years ago I tried to join the army and was rejected for medical reasons.  Something about them not taking crazy people on board (or my heart, one or the other).  If I had gotten in I would be a little less glib about this, maybe I would be seriously worried, but now, I just don’t care.  We seem pretty dead-set on this course of action, there is no real stopping it, so might as well try to enjoy it.

I remember the Iraq war, an illegal war started on fake evidence.  People marched in the streets, demonstrated, did their level best to stop it and couldn’t even accomplish a reduction in arms.  That makes me pretty cynical when it comes to the power of the people to stop wars (because it seems like the majority of people want more wars).  If we couldn’t stop that war I doubt we could stop the one that seems to be coming.

I’m kind of excited for that though, war makes for great protest albums.  Some of the best songs I spent my teens listening to were protest songs, either written about the Iraq war or the Vietnam War.  Great writing and art was done in protest of the war, inspired by war, and depicting the horror of war.  As terrible as it is, war inspires some amazing art.

Wars also inspire mass movements and mass change.  I look at the silly “Social Justice Warrior” movements of today and am saddened by them.  People need something to rally against sometimes and in the absence of visible real problems, people make up silly things to take up as a cause.  I’m all for fighting authority, but there needs to be a real reason to do it.  War acts as this reason and will bring back movements that work on actual change.

A good war will kick people, and we need that.  We have been so distracted by made up issues and easy entertainment that we need a bit of a wake up.  The Iraq war is barley over but the memory has faded fast.  After the initial outrage, when people saw there was no stopping it, things died down.  A new war would fire people up and maybe this time some actual change could happen.  Maybe all this misdirected energy could be directed to something of value.

War is good for that.  Good for reminding people of what is really important, good for inspiring some great art and good as a cause to rally around.  Something’s got to change and maybe a war is what we need to get us out there working for a change.

So I won’t sit here in despair, worried about the drums in the distance.  I’ll remember that wars lead to good music.  Find the positive in it, do my best to stop it, but be ready to embrace it when it comes.

I guess that logic could be applied to most things.

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