Living the Dream

Over my life I’ve had many dreams, goals, desires, whatever you want to call them.  For the longest time it was my dream to serve in the military, that didn’t work out due to a medical denial.  It’s always been my dream to be an author and I guess I’m living that dream now (I have written a few books).  I’ve also had the dream of buying a plot of land and living off the grid, and I’m working on that dream as best I can.  There have been many others over the course of my life, from dreams of climbing Everest to dreams of hiking hundred mile treks.  Some I’ve fallen out of love with and others I’ve doubled down on.  One thing I realized though is that in order to ‘live the dream’ I need to take action, I need to always be living the dream.

That’s what I’m doing now.  Instead of dreaming my dreams I’ve decided to live them, at least part of the way.  It really comes down to how I picture my life and the lens I choose to view it through that determines how happy I am with it.  Instead of wishing I could live my dreams I have decided to live them as much as possible.  Obviously I’m not off the grid up North, but I am an author (if only part time and independent).  I’m also taking steps toward being able to start my off grid life, like saving money, researching places and learning skills that will allow me to survive.

So when I say that “I’m living the dream” I don’t mean it sarcastically, I really am.  At least as much as I can.  I think that everyone should at least try to live their dreams, even if it has to be done in a limited way like mine.

Now, in other ‘Craig news’, “Hole Breads” is starting up again!  This was a little side project I started a few months ago, baking and selling all natural bread.  It fell off with the summer and due to a lack of innovation on my part.  I have restarted my baking operation using some new methods.  Now, it’s not an actual business, I’m not going to be selling bread here (I would need an industrial kitchen) but if anyone in Toronto wants some home baked bread let me know in the comments.

I got into baking bread after watching a Netflix show about cooking and getting back to basics.  I learned how we made bread before enriched flour and packaged yeast and decided to try it that way.  Grains are a whole food when they aren’t processed beyond grinding, and natural yeast allows for the proper breakdown of the nutrition in the grain.  I think that’s really cool and that’s why I grow my own natural yeast and bake my own whole grain bread.  It’s a fun (if lengthy) process.

I’ve been sick again, this cold season has been really rough on me.  I’ve basically had the same sinus infection since November and I can’t get rid of it.  Part of the reason has been that I don’t have a family doctor, so follow up appointments haven’t happened.  I finally got a doctor and now I’m going to nuke this infection once and for all, I miss being healthy.  I have too much to do to afford being sick.

I really am living the dream, there is not a lot to complain about and as long as I remember that I’m in control of this life I can keep it on track.  Lots of fun stuff going on.

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