Getting Distracted

It’s been a crazy few days in my world.  I’ve been super busy but somehow managed to get nothing done, I’m behind on my post writing, my Book Collector Club posting, my novel writing, my fitness, basically everything.  The problem is that I’ve been horrifically distracted with other projects, new projects that excited me before I realized how much time I was sinking into them and decided that I need to refocus on what I’m doing now.

Recently I discovered a cryptocurrency that has me supremely interested. For those that don’t know, cryptocurrencies are basically digital money (if you know what bitcoin is you know what cryptocurrencies are).  The one I found is called Monero and it’s like Bitcoin in the sense that it’s a digital currency with a blockchain, the similarities end there.  Monero fixes a lot of the problems I have with Bitcoin, it’s actually private and untraceable, it’s fast, it’s affordable and it can be mined on normal computers.

I’ve been interested in (and mining) cryptocurrency since 2013, I started with Dogecoin of all things before moving to Litecoin and actually ending where a lot of people start, Bitcoin.  I actually made a pretty good return on my Bitcoin with the recent market spike combined with the fact that I started mining back in 2014 and bought the mining hardware cheap.  I have fallen out of love with it though, there are a lot of problems with it I have trouble forgiving.

I could get a lot more technical here but I’m sure you’re not interested in that.  Basically I spent the past week trying to start a Monero mining pool on one of my servers, I was pretty close to getting it working before I hit a brick wall and had to throw in the towel.  I just don’t have the time or technical know-how to run a Monero pool.  Then, as a joke, I tried to make my own coin, but gave that up when I realized that I was literally wasting time for nothing.

I did learn a lot but really I was just distracted, looking for novelty as I often do.  My problem has always been a wide breadth of focus with no real depth.  I need to work on fixing that, so I decided to put my Monero aspirations aside and focus on learning Python, writing, working on my store and working out.  I have enough on my plate without having to add something else, especially something as time consuming and technically complex as building a mining pool (let alone a knew coin).

With that said, I am mining Monero, one of the draws is the ability for almost anyone with a computer that has a decent graphics card to mine it. Earn some coins and spend them with the limited (legal) merchant base or convert them to Bitcoin (which can be spent in many places, including here).

I need to focus on remaining focused.  I honestly feel like I might have some kind of adult attention deficit disorder, I’m always all over the place.  Too many ideas, too many interests, not enough focus.

Now that doesn’t mean I can’t add a few simple things.  I am making kombucha, a fermented tea drink I finally decided to try.  I’m not doing this because I’m a hipster believing all the hype around its magical properties, I just like the taste (which makes me weird I know) and the store-bought stuff is expensive.  I also love yeast cultures and how they are spread among communities, so that draws me in.

I have lots going on but I have decided to focus on the things I’ve actually been working on for a while and limit (new) time consuming things.  So yes, this week I was distracted, but I’m getting back on it.  Maybe I should have titled this post “getting focused” because that’s what I plan to do.

Thanks for stopping by, talk to you later, got a lot to talk about too.


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