How Can We Expect to Survive in a World Filled With Such Hate?

I find myself asking this question a lot lately.  Why is there so much hate in the world?  Why does it seem like all we are good at is hate?  We’ve been conscious and intelligent animals for millennia now, how have we not figured it out?  Then I remember that there is an important word in that question, animals. We are still animals.  As much as we like to put on clothes and pretend otherwise we can’t escape it.  The amount of hate in the world only serves as a reminder of this fact.

I’m in a course for work right now and the classroom has a view of a section of downtown Toronto where there are always people walking about.  I watch from the room and wonder how people can walk around all calm, why people aren’t attacking one another in the streets.  If we were still chimps or gorilla’s we would be doing this.  Trying to tear one another apart constantly.  Most other animals live in small groups or alone.  Herd animals being an exception but even then they are fighting and killing one another all the time for control of the herd.

That is what makes us different though.  The fact that we are not constantly trying to kill one another makes us higher than the animals, makes us something more.  Not something drastically different, but something just that little bit more.  So why all the hate?

If I took a Canadian and dropped them in the middle of a market in Iran they would be fine. Normal people on the street are not out to kill one another.  This is different than if I took a chimp from one clan and dropped him in another.  He would be chased off or killed in seconds. So our hate is not to that animal level of violence, and most people don’t feel when faced with the object of their hate.  It’s something more, something that exists almost outside of the individual.  A force that drives them to do terrible things.  Things like killing other humans because they believe something that you don’t.

This brings me back to thinking we are no better than animals (see how I can’t decide on this).  But we are, our base level of interaction is not one of hate.  Even KKK members will tell you they don’t hate other races on an individual level, they just hate them as a whole (how this works, I don’t know).  The hate people feel for other people is hard to define, hard to pin down and hard to isolate. It is both low, like animal driven fear, and high minded in the upper portions of the brain.  It is logical to the person while being illogical to the species.

I don’t know why there is so much hate floating around out there, I do know that we need to get over it if we are going to move forward.  We need to move forward, we have real problems that need to be dealt with, important problems.  Hating one another gets us nowhere.  We are animals, but we are aware that we are animals, that gives us a chance to become something more.  Hate gets us nowhere.

Now I’m not going to use this as a chance to say lame shit like “instead of hate, try to understand” or “Love thy neighbour”, screw that.  Just stop wasting so much time dwelling on hate, focus on working with humanity as a whole, not looking for reasons to hate another person.  Powerful people thrive on hate, they want us to hate one another, their power depends on it.

Populist leaders feed hate and fear, that’s how they obtain power.  It is hate and fear that are first called on when people look to drive a wedge between people.  When normal people unite they can overthrow the structure that keeps them locked in their lives.  That power leads to fear among the powerful, they fear us because we are powerful.  So they seek to divide, they seek to call on those animal parts of us and they seek to feed the hate.  Hate keeps them in control.

One of the first things to do on the path to finding true freedom is to stop hating people for dumb reasons.  Let people live their lives and live yours as best you can.  Hate is only a tool to keep control over the masses.  We are better than this, we could accomplish so much if we could only unite.

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s okay to hate people, just not for stupid reasons like race or religion.  Hate someone because of their actions, hate them because of what they are doing to others or to the planet.  Use that hate to fuel your resistance.  However, you also have to be willing to forgive.  People are misguided, today’s racist might be tomorrow’s freedom fighter seeking to fight for the rights of minorities.  People can change, that needs to be accept as well.

Be the person that you know you can be, don’t hate someone because of their gender, race, religion, nationality, sexual orientation or some other stupid reason.  Be more than an animal, become a model human, become something better.  I know you can.  I also know that you might already be that person, if you are, be sure to help others on their paths out of hate.

I don’t know, I’m tired, working on getting this Monero Pool working is killing me.  Then I hear stories about all this hate, and I just get even more tired.  Why does it feel like we’ve been stuck in this place for ages?  Why does it feel like every time we start to make a little progress we end up sliding backwards?  I’m a cynic by nature, a pessimist that tries to be optimistic, but all this hate makes it hard.

Little bit of a ramble here, but that’s why I started this site, if I can’t ramble then there is no point.

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