A Real First Post

I already wrote a kind of first post but that was more of a placeholder, this is a real first post.  For those that know me and that follow my writing you’ll know I’m not new to blogging.  I ran the now dead and gone “Mind Body Mash”, a blog that turned into a massive website spawning a (also dead) bookstore and a (never active) forum.  The blog started as a fitness / motivation blog but I also wanted a place to post on other topics, this made the blog lose its niche and turned it into a rambling mess.  I shut it down in 2016 after 3 years of low traffic and spending too much on hosting.

That left a little void in my life, the blog was a place for me to share random thoughts, but it also limited me because I did make an attempt to stay within the niche.  I wanted a place where I could sell my books and other random stuff I like to sell, a place where I could post on topics that interest me and a place where I could just have a central repository for all things me.  That led to the birth of this site, Craighole.com.  Mostly an author site, in that the author is a person and this site will be all things me.

I don’t have grand plans of becoming a massive website and selling millions of books, I am aware that this will really be just me talking to myself, but I like to do that.  In a counter intuitive way it keeps me sane.  I need a place to offload all the discussions and ideas I carry on with myself.  It’s also an excuse to keep my domain (craighole.com), I think everyone should own their own name as a domain just out of safety.  You don’t want someone buying your name as a domain and redirecting it to hardcore bestiality porn.  Just having an idle domain seems like a waste though, so that’s part of the reason for this.  It also allows me a vanity email address (not that I’m a terribly vain person).

In addition to all that I also got to spend some time using a non-managed hosting solution to build this, which is pretty cool.  That feeds into another thing I’m working on, another hobby of mine, web development and programming.  Now I know installing a LAMP stack and wordpress onto a server is nothing crazy, but it was fun for me.  I also got SSL set up and hardened everything as best I could (an ongoing process I know).  I’m also running mumble on the server too so that I have a voice client for my gaming needs with friends and family.  When all’s said and done the overall cost of this whole set up is three times cheaper than what I was paying before and on top of all that it’s faster.

There’s the history of this idea for all those that were curious.  I’ll be posting here as often as I can, I don’t want to confine myself to a schedule but I’m sure it will be very rollercoaster like with periods of heavy posting followed by lulls.  I’m going to drop my next indie book here before anywhere else though so be sure to keep an eye out for that.

That’s another thing, I know that I’ve been on a publishing dry spell right now.  For anyone wondering I’ve got 2 books in the pipeline and another I’m working on.  I want to get one of those books out for springtime (no promises) and the other for the end of the summer.  The book I’m writing now is going to be sent to publishers, I need to go mainstream (or at least try) if I’m ever going to achieve my dream of an Alpaca farm in Northern Ontario.

Feel free to explore around, quick warning, the bitcoin faucet is a little… heavy on the advertising.  That’s to help carry the cost of running it.  I will probably calm things down there when I have a chance.  The faucet is just because I accept bitcoin as a payment so figured I should help people get a few fractions of a coin.

It’s been a busy weekend, getting my seedlings growing for a little herb (not weed, actual herb) garden I’m starting.  I also went rock climbing for the first time in a year and built this site.  Combine that with spending a good 6 hours trying (and failing) to get a Monero mining pool running and you have a busy weekend.  I didn’t even get a chance to drive some Uber eats or play “Stardew Valley” (my new chill out video game of choice).

So for what’s next?  Well I hope to have a few things to add to the store, I’m going to keep plugging away at getting a Monero Pool up and running (it kills me that I can’t figure it out, it should be so easy), I’m going to keep on learning me some python (then Java), going to keep working away at the book(s) and posting about other books I enjoy.  Posting here is going to be on whatever the hell I feel like and you’re along for the ride if you want to be.

Thanks for stopping by, feel free to leave a comment to say hey.


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